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Heather delivers professional development workshops and presentations on a range of topics however she is willing to tailor any of these topics to assist educators to further understand the expectations of the NQS.

Topics Recently Delivered

    National Quality Framework

    Developing the Quality Improvement Plan
    Getting to Know the Early Years Learning Framework
    Getting to Know My Time, Our Place
    Embedding the Frameworks into Every Day Practice
    Beyond the QIP – Maintaining the Momentum and Continuing Self-Assessment
    Preparing for Assessment and Rating

    Quality Area 1

    Myths and Realities of Documentation and Planning Under the NQS
    Current Approaches to Documentation and Planning
    Incorporating the EYLF/MTOP into Documentation and Planning
    Introducing Learning Journals
    VEYLDF Modules 3 & 4
    Intentional Teaching
    Assessment for Learning
    Practice and Planning – Key Elements of QA 1
    Critical Reflection
    Keeping Up-to-Date with Current Theories
    Cultural Competence

    Quality Area 3

    Learning Environments and the NQS – Discovery & Safety
    Making the Most of the Physical Environment
    Safe Risk-Taking
    Inclusive Environments
    Environmentally Sustainable Practices

    Quality Area 4

    The Role of the Educational Leader
    Team Building
    Wellbeing for Educators

    Quality Area 5

    Children as Active Participants
    Assisting Children to Develop Responsive Relationships with Others
    Behaviour Guidance Refresher
    Curriculum Decision Making to Support Positive Relationships
    Positive and Equitable Relationships
    Supporting Children to Manage Their Own Behaviour
    Planning for Active and Energetic Children
    Understanding and Assisting Children with Challenging Temperaments
    Helping Children Manage Anger
    Understanding Boys and Superhero Play
    Trouble-Shooting Behaviours (Including Biting and Bullying)

    Quality Area 6

    Forming Collaborative Partnerships with Families and the Community
    Engaging Communities
    Encouraging Parent Participation
    Dynamic Discussions with Families
    Reporting Children’s Progress to Families
    Promoting Play
    School Readiness and Transition to School
    VEYLDF Module 2

    Quality Area 7

    Leading a New Team
    Managing Change
    Group Dynamics and Conflict Management
    Leadership Skills
    Management Magic
    Promoting Professionalism
    Supporting a Positive Organisational Culture

    OSHC Specific

    Too Cool for School
    Engaging Older Children
    Risk-Taking Behaviours
    Technology in OSHC


    Children and Television
    Planning for Multi-Age Groups
    Stress Free Rest Times
    Helping Children Cope with Stress, Trauma or Trouble
    Supporting Creativity

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